Infosys HR Initiatives

HR Initiatives
The newly appointed Senior Vice President (HR) and Group Head, Nandita Gujjar today said Infosys has introduced several HR schemes for its staff, which includes paternity leaves in addition to maternity leaves.

In her first interaction with the media here, after becoming the Group Head and SVP HR, Ms Gujjar said HR policies are very important for any organization’s development.

"Infosys has spent over than Rs 400 crore on educating its employees through campus connect, where they are taught in institutions, which teach students and the increment has been to the extent of 11-13 per cent," said Ms Gujjar.

Infosys had also started conducting exams for its employees as a part of its HR initiatives

Infosys has started a new initiative, wherein people from the US and Europe will be recruited for working in India and since Americans are reluctant to work in India, they will be recruited for one year each in India and China.

"The one year stint will make the Americans and Europeans get accustomed to the working conditions in India and China," Ms Gujjar underlined.

Infosys had also started conducting exams for its employees as a part of its HR initiatives and will consider if people are interested in other profiles.

Infosys has also started another HR initiative, wherein a lady employee will be allowed to work from home if she has a small child to look after, for which she will be provided with a laptop and can work from office once the child completes one year.

Ms Gujjar added the depreciation of the rupee will help the business in the long run and that there is a talent crunch in the market for which the company has introduced many HR initiatives
Job rotation
Similarly, Infosys Technologies has also identified various career ladders to which employees are assigned, based on their competencies and the business requirements. “For each ladder, we have a series of roles. Again, for each role, we have identified both behavioural and technical competencies. Employees own their Individual Training Plans and are encouraged to develop competencies suitable for the business and for their own personal aspirations. In addition, for select positions, we also work with Internal Job Postings, which automatically facilitates job rotation,” says Hema Ravichandar, Infosys’ senior vice-president for HR development.

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